☆☆☆☆- The Stage              

"Razor-sharp[and] achingly poignant" 



☆☆☆☆☆-The Mortal Fool

"[Paterson]has the audience right in the palm of her hands."



☆☆☆☆☆-Sunday Express    

"Paterson takes us on this journey with wit and emotional insight."



The South Afreakins

Helene and Gordon are stuck.

Stuck in South Africa and in their same rut. One longs to get out and experience everything retirement has to offer, while one won’t leave his milk tart. When they finally immigrate to New Zealand, the result is heartbreaking and hilarious as they discover it’s hard work to find "home". A dark comedic solo show about leaving everything you've ever known and starting over again.

Written and performed by Robyn Paterson




The South Afreakins: The Afreakin Family


Edinburgh Fringe Festival '19 - Go Fund Me Campaign 

In 2016, The Impi Theatre Company went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to present The South Afreakins, with amazing support from our 2016 backers, this little unknown company and show sold out their entire 28 night run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, garnering four and  five star reviews from multiple press.


This year, not only is The Impi Theatre Company returning to the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival with The South Afreakins but it also brings a BRAND NEW SHOW and THE WORLD PREMIERE OF ... The South Afreakins: The Afreakin' Family. 

Written and performed by Robyn Paterson.


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Please become one of our backers and join us as we get ready to dominate the Edinburgh Fringe Festival again and beyond!

We can assure you these shows will present a season that will not only make us proud, but also our backers!



You know what they say- To do it right, you gotta do it twice!

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