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"Robyn offers us humour, sincerity and beautiful moments of reflection […]

The South Afreakins is imaginative, honest and clever!"


-Lisa Allan, Theatre Review



"The way [Paterson] switches from character to character is a performance in itself [this is]

a story [that leaves] you with tears of laughter and a play that leaves you in tears of emotion.


-Lisa Allan, Theatre Review


         The South Afreakins                                                                        

Helene and Gordon are stuck.

Stuck in South Africa and in their same rut. One longs to get out and experience everything retirement has to offer, while one won’t leave his milk tart. When they finally immigrate to New Zealand, the result is heartbreaking and hilarious as they discover it’s hard work to find "home". A dark comedic solo show about leaving everything you've ever known and starting over again.


The South Afreakins: The Afreakin Family 

Helene is excited to throw Gordon’s birthday party, but Gordon isn’t happy about turning 70. Rachel is excited to see her sister Kelly, but Kelly isn’t happy to see Rachel. Clive meanwhile, is just happy to be invited. When the family (and Clive) reunite, old tensions lead to emotions erupting more often than the extravagant chocolate lava birthday cake. From the creator of the acclaimed sell-out hit, The South Afreakins, this poignant comedic solo show explores growing up, growing old and finding happiness when letting go is so hard.


★★★★- The Stage

"Razor-sharp[and] achingly poignant" 



★★★★★-The Mortal Fool

"[Paterson]has the audience right in the palm of her hands."



★★★★★-Sunday Express    

"Paterson takes us on this journey with wit and emotional insight."



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